Christmas Wrap Up…

Hello!  How was your Christmas?  Ours was great.
Every year I have great intentions of making lots of handmade gifts and usually don’t get around to doing anything…  But this year was different, I was a busy little elf in the weeks leading up to Christmas and am happy to report that EVERYONE got something hand made by me this year.  Wow.

My two little monsters got these two little monsters.  Made from this book.  It’s getting to be an oldie now I guess but still a goodie in my opinion.  I also made a version of this and this from the same book for my niece (sorry no photos, mine looked different, I used different fabric/colours).
I (or I should say we) made some special artwork for the grandparents from my kids too.  No photos unfortunately but I found the idea here.

My family members got this.  Granola (or toasted muesli)!  I was originally inspired to do this after reading this.  I thought I’d take it one step further and make everyone their own personalised batch and created lots of different flavours:

I know – personalised muesli?!  “No you didn’t!?!” I hear you say… Oh yes I did.
And everyone seemed to love it!  Recipes and recipe inspiration found here, here, here and here.
I downloaded the little tags here.  Hello?  I love free printables.  Download yourself a copy of these, these, and find extensive summary of free printables here, here, and here.

Next on my handmade hit list was this peppermint bark.  For a few years now I’ve seen mention of this around the blogs so I finally decided to try it this year.  Big mistake.  Not because it’s bad.  Ohhhhh no!  Because you can’t stop at just one tiny piece.  Try it, I dare you.  Just beware of giving your kids a “little try” like I did.  That stuff is like crack I tell you.  But (I’m sure) a lot tastier, and less, you know, illegal and sinister…

We had my whole family over for Christmas breakfast, this is how I set the table.  I’ve never been one for over the top Christmassiness (yes, that’s a word), so it was fairly plain but fun nonetheless.

Next stop, New Year’s (which marks the first birthday of my littlest possum) and then –  BACK TO WORK for me!!!

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