Photo a day…

Another batch of photos for the photo a day project.  I’m having a lot of fun with this.

Day 15:  Happiness

Happiness = finding so much vintage treasure at one time!  Might look like a pile of junk to some but to me, it’s a major score 🙂


Day 16:  Morning

Morning mess.


Day 17:  Water


Day 18: Something you bought

If I’m honest, most of my hats were bought with fashion in mind over practicality.  I needed a hat that worked well… you know… as a hat.  This does the job, not sure about the fashion score but burnt skin isn’t so hot either so…


Day 19: Sweet

These golden plums became plum jam!  Rather proud of myself actually – or should I say proud of us.  My husband sat up one night and helped me de-seed 5kg of plums!  Most importantly, it tastes really good.


Day 19’s a day early but I’ll be away for a 5 days from tomorrow so wanted to share that one before I left…  I’ll try to keep up with the other days while I’m away, I might post them on instagram (follow along here if you’re not on instagram via iPhone).

Might try to squeeze in another post later, have some nice things to share.


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