Photo a day catch up

Here are another bunch from the photo a day project…

Day 20:  Someone you love

Snapped on instagram while we were away.


Day 21:  Reflection

Obvious, I know.  But some days are harder than others to come up with ideas 🙂


Day 22:  Your shoes

Yes, these are actually my shoes (but not my little legs!).  I bought them for wearing on the farm and I sometimes wear them in the garden etc. although I have another favourite pair of boots for that.


Day 23:  Something old

We recently inherited this guy, a family heirloom (on long term loan until the next generation has children!).  My 2 year old wanted to know what he was so cranky about, I thought he looked happy!?


Day 24:  Guilty pleasure

Magazines.  Anyone who knows me knows I’m a liiiiiiitle bit nuts for them.  Currently reading:

Papier Mache
Green Magazine

Basically, if you print anything on a lovely matte recycled paper, add beautiful photography and creative and inspiring concepts – I’ll buy it 😉


Day 25:  Something you made

I’ve seen a few variations of these floating around etsy.  Now usually, I’m a huge supporter of buying handmade and really try not to copy other people’s ideas but as soon as I realised these were made from Fimo, I was transported back to my childhood (I LOVED Fimo!).  So I decided I had to have a go at making my own.

Fimo’s a lot harder than I remember – or is that just because I’m used to working with play dough now!?!  Nevertheless it was a lot of fun.  So I’m sorry etsy-fimo-bead-sellers (not sure who had the “original” idea for these and I only have a link to this one, sorry) – I promise next time to buy from you and not make bootleg versions for myself 😉


Day 26:  Colour

There!  Up to date again.  Until tomorrow 🙂

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