We did it!  We actually made it to the balloon launch this morning.  The website said 6am so we got up at 5am to get ready.  We’d got ourselves organised the night before so it didn’t take long to get out the door.

Turns out we were about an hour early…  I guess they wait for sunrise or something?  I really could’ve used another hour’s sleep, will remember that in future!  Anyway, we had time to have a nice breakfast (that I lost another hour’s sleep over preparing for last night!!), and after a cup of tea we were ready to go.

When we got there it looked like this:

But slowly the light appeared, and so did this guy:
I skipped pretty excitedly from one vantage point to another, snapping away…

I looked behind me and saw a beautiful golden sunrise.  This doesn’t really fit in with the theme of my edits here but some things are best left looking how you saw them, don’t you think?

I finished taking this and almost ran into Joe Hockey, out for a jog…

The sun was up in less than an hour, and so were all the balloons!
I’ve been a bit of a zombie today after only about 5 hours sleep but it was worth it!

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