Our first egg!

It was a proud day here yesterday.  We found our first egg!  There was a lot of noise coming from the chicken run with one of them inside the coop.  We suspected something might be going on (not sure why there was such a commotion, were they all excited…?!?).  We went to have a look (camera in hand of course!) and sure enough…

We know it was Henny Chicken (named by our oldest son), since she was the one inside the coop.  I was very proud of her, not unlike witnessing one of my kids’ first milestones 🙂

One of my son’s favorite books is Outback Countout (written by his Grandmother’s best friend, Norah Kersh).  He can’t read it but can recite the whole book (and so can I for that matter!!).  He especially loves saying the first line, it starts out from zero:

“Zero eggs in the nest as Zade takes a look, no eggs for breakfast.  What a lazy chook!”

This has been the case around here since we got the chickens (well, really they just haven’t been ready yet, not exactly lazy!).  Anyway, not anymore.  Nice one Henny 🙂

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