It’s the little things that count…

product photography - knitted hat

This is why I love shopping on Etsy so much…  Isn’t that sweet?!
We moved here last year at the beginning of winter.  Coming from Brisbane we had to stock up on a few winter essentials but all year I’ve been plotting and planning to be REALLY prepared for winter this year.  It gets so cold but if you’re prepared, life is so much more enjoyable.

So on my list was a winter hat.  I had the type of hat I wanted in mind and trawled through Etsy looking for it.  This one is perfect, I found it at In Stitches Market.  Yoko is lovely and super quick with responding and postage.

Next item on my list was a pair of mittens (yes, mittens!!).  I found what I think is the cutest pair of mittens in the world.  Will show you when they arrive.

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