Hello stranger.  Yeah yeah I know, long time no see.  It seems that when things are really busy, I just can’t find the time to do all of the things that a “good” business person does (like blogging, updating Facebook etc…).  But I do try, really!

Rest assured, I have plenty of good excuses!  I’ve had the busiest month yet, with jobs taking up every second of my available time.  This is good!  After the wedding, I came home to some family portraits, a new baby to meet and photograph, and some exciting commercial work.

I spent a weekend in late September photographing the Handmade Market again.  I’ll share some of my favourites here soon but to see a sample you can visit the Handmade Canberra Facebook Page where they have uploaded a bunch of the images I took.  I had such a good time again, and I was lucky to work one-on-one with some great stallholders.  The feedback I’ve received has been overwhelmingly good as well, which of course makes it even better!

I have some other commercial jobs coming up which I’m really excited about, I can’t wait to share them with you when they’re done.

And in other big news…  My new website is being designed as I write, I’m really looking forward to launching it and changing things up quite a bit from the current format.
I also have some big plans in the works for a studio/office/meeting space renovation!  It’s very hard not to spend every spare second I have researching and planning for this, it’s too exciting.

I’ve struggled a lot in the past year, trying to decide what kind of photographer I am, which direction to take my business in etc. etc.  A lot of successful photographers focus on one area and do it really well.  I find it hard to choose just one and have tortured myself over this very topic for almost a year now…  The other morning an answer just seemed to come to me, really easily, without me sitting there wracking my brain.  I feel like an enormous weight has been lifted off my shoulders and can’t wait to start sharing with you as I make the transition.

What’s with the picture?  I found this four leaf clover the other day.  I just looked down and there it was.  I’m not superstitious but I do tend to read things as signs and took this to mean that I’m on the right track with all of the big decisions and plans I’ve been making.  I have a feeling it will all work out just fine.

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