Some commercial work…

Hello!  So I can finally share some work I did for a local legal firm Chamberlains.

Initially I was hired just to do the portraits for the senior lawyers but was called back to do some location photography for the site as well.

Below are some that you’ll find on their site and some that didn’t make the cut.  Those in the know will spot the special “talent” I “hired” for some of the construction shots…

I really enjoy doing this kind of work and I plan to do a lot more in the future.  I love traveling to different locations, taking on new challenges (um, being on the 15th floor of an apartment block that’s still just a concrete slab taking photos wearing a hard had and some boots I had to borrow from a guy I didn’t know!!) – it’s all fun and fantastic for helping me push myself in many ways (what could be cooler than that?!).

The new Chamberlains site and branding looks fantastic, and if I do say so myself – the photos look right at home there!




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